MathsJam meeting 24 March 2015

A quiet meeting this time.

One regular MathsJammer popped in briefly before heading off to Portsmouth Cafe Scientifique. (I do recommend CafeSci, at least when it doesn’t clash with MathsJam. You can follow them on twitter @portscafesci.)

Jack1 arrived with an interesting pdf on recreational mathematics. We noted particularly that Southsea promenade matches one of the symmetry classes from the last article therein.

Andy arrived later and we all tried this geometry puzzle, which involves a circle and a square, but turns out to also involve a hidden triangle.

Andy had brought along Perudo, so we settled into a couple of three-handed games to complete the evening.

Interesting tweets:

5 points in a rectangular grid:

Conway’s Game of Life meets Blokus:


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