MathsJam meeting 21 October 2014

The regular monthly meeting of Portsmouth MathsJam was held, as usual, at the King Street Tavern in Southsea. There was a welcome return for Andy, who has recently moved back to the region, and there were eight MathsJammers in total.

Most of the evening was spent trying various puzzles from a collection called Brain Busters that Jack had brought along. The puzzles were created by Ed Pegg Jr and you can find a pdf of them all at

(We very much recommend Ed Pegg Jr’s site It has a huge collection of maths-related puzzles and links.)

Our own Edd posed this puzzle: consider two triangles with side lengths 5, 5, 6 and 5, 5, 8 respectively. What is the ratio of their areas? Before you go digging up your old book of trigonometric formulas, there is a simple way to find the solution.

Finally, we also enjoyed seeing the photos of other MathsJammers constructing cubes for the MegaMenger project. See for more information, or search @megamenger or #megamenger on Twitter for many pictures.


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