20th November means MathsJam Novemtory…

We had a great time completing our Novemtory form, Brian paced the Pub to enable a reasonable estimate of the number of ping pong balls to fill the room.  Although none seemed particularly serious when it came to ages and demographic split…

We also had important business to deal with during this MathsJam session:  finalising our choices for the Portsmouth MathsJam Christmas meal which is being held on 12.12.12.  We have moved the date a bit – but it is not the first time that Portsmouth MathsJam is out of sync with the others.  The King Street Tavern has a delicious Christmas  menu which we are looking forward to sampling.

Nick produced an excellent puzzle, which kept us happy for quite a while but unfortunately mine got wet (beer!) and so I no longer have an official record  of it.  Suffice it to say it was a series of 4 numbers and using the usual operators (only) we had to decide which number(s) 1-20 it would not be possible to make.

In view of Matt’s plans for Rubik’s cube the following day we had a bit of a go with a Rubik’s cube, Hungarian Ring and Bedlam Cube.  The Bedlam Cube remains unsolved and will be back…

There was also a MathsJam outing this week:  24th November Robin Ince appeared at The Spring in Havant.  Five MathsJammers went along and had an excellent night.

If anybody would still like to come to the Christmas meal just pop into the King St Tavern and have a chat with Sam to choose what you would like to eat and pay a small deposit.

The menu may be viewed through the link to King St Tavern.


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