23 October 2012: The Perudo Jedi…


Perudo, sometimes known as Liar’s Dice, was the game of choice at Portsmouth MathsJam last night.  This is one of the Group’s favorites and given that we are in week 5 of busy term, the much needed “boost” hit the spot.

Perudo is also known as “Liar’s Dice”.  The aim is to predict the number of dice (1s, 2s, 3s etc) that will be thrown out of the 25 initially available.  There are rules governing the way in which the predictions are made which add to the challenge.  Strategy is everything as to a certain extent is the seating plan.  From last night’s match I can reveal that the Perudo Jedi rose again – only to lose the Force in the second to last round but I am in no doubt he will return.

There was discussion of forthcoming meetings:  November Portsmouth MathsJam meeting will be on 20 November as usual  BUT the December meeting will be on WEDNESDAY 12 December and we plan to go for a festive supper.