MathsJam May

The next MathsJam evening is Tuesday 24 May 2016.

Following the closure of our usual venue, the King Street Tavern, we have yet to arrange an alternative venue, so time and place are not yet confirmed.

I’ll post details here once they’re known.

MathsJam, 17 November 2015

A few links from last night’s meeting:

Chalkdust magazine. Includes their excellent crossnumber.

Geometry puzzle. Via Alison Kiddle.

Five 3-4-5 triangles. I think the challenge is to arrange the five equal-sized triangles into a symmetrical shape: reference.


Next meeting: Tuesday 15 December


Next meeting: Tuesday, 20 October

The next Portsmouth MathsJam will be on Tuesday 20 October from 7.30 p.m. in the King Street Tavern, Southsea.

Last time we attempted to solve a Rubik’s Tangle, enjoyed a game of Set and tried to prove the trigonometric identity:


Join us for more of the same this month.

July Meeting Cancelled

Although we hoped to rearrange our July meeting to today (see previous post) not enough people can make this date and so there will be no Portsmouth MathsJam this month.

We will hold our next meeting on the usual date of 18 August.

You can still follow @MathsJam on Twitter, and on 21 July you’ll be able to see and join in with what’s going on at other MathsJam meetings in the UK and the rest of the world.

July meeting date change

In July we are unable to hold our meeting on the usual MathsJam day – the second to last Tuesday – which would be 21 July 2015. Rather than have no meeting at all, we will bring the meeting date forward one week to Tuesday 14 July 2015.

The location and start time remain the same: King Street Tavern, Southsea, from 7.30 p.m.

Next meeting: Tuesday, 19 May

I apologise for having not updated the blog this month, and for this very short notice of…

…the next Portsmouth MathsJam meeting, which is today (the date of this post). Join us from 7.30 p.m. in the King Street Tavern, Southsea, for the usual mix of maths problems, games and conversation.

Next meeting: Tuesday, 21 April

The next Portsmouth MathsJam meeting is on Tuesday, 21 April, from 7.30 p.m. in the King Street Tavern, Southsea.

As usual, we’ll be discussing and playing a variety of maths-themed puzzles and games. Feel free to bring along anything maths-related that you find interesting.

MathsJam meeting 24 March 2015

A quiet meeting this time.

One regular MathsJammer popped in briefly before heading off to Portsmouth Cafe Scientifique. (I do recommend CafeSci, at least when it doesn’t clash with MathsJam. You can follow them on twitter @portscafesci.)

Jack1 arrived with an interesting pdf on recreational mathematics. We noted particularly that Southsea promenade matches one of the symmetry classes from the last article therein.

Andy arrived later and we all tried this geometry puzzle, which involves a circle and a square, but turns out to also involve a hidden triangle.

Andy had brought along Perudo, so we settled into a couple of three-handed games to complete the evening.

Interesting tweets:

5 points in a rectangular grid:

Conway’s Game of Life meets Blokus: